Tom makes a big splash on the state scene

Based on his results from State Age Short Course Champs (which included 4 gold medals & 2 silver medals from 7 swims), Tom has been selected on the SWA 2018 State Short Course Team. To be selected, his performances had to stand up against not only those of other 14yo boys in the state but also the 15yo’s.

As a member of this team, Tom will compete at the Australian State Teams Championships being held at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra during the first week of October. This is a huge achievement for both Tom and Marshall and is a reflection on all their hard work!

Tom then competed two weeks later at the State Open Short Course Championships. He swam in three events, achieving PBs in all – and making the finals of all three.

Over the course of both weekends, Tom broke 13 WA Country All Time and 16 WA Country Residential records.

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