Country Pennants team keeps A-grade ranking

In March, our Country Pennants team took flight to Karratha to defend its place in A-grade. (For the uninitiated, Country Pennants sees all country clubs graded, A through E. To move up a grade, you have to win your grade; to stay in a grade, you have to come in top 4). Our team of Freya, Bronte, Leisel, Stella, Chantelle, Charlie, Harry, Blake, Jacinta, Angus, Kai, Lila, Cairo, Coco, Poet, Itsuki and Luke worked together as a team, swimming beautifully in the hot Karratha conditions. Congratulations to Freya, who was one of the top achievers of the meet. Many thanks to our travelling parents, Kanako, Mick, John and Hayley; and to coach Marshall.

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